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o, it, 5p, s3i, PigeonDev Games Collection And A Robot Named Fight! Physical Releases Also Coming, Via Premium Edition Games | NintendoSoup
PigeonDev Games Collection And A Robot Named Fight! Physical Releases Also Coming, Via Premium Edition Games

PigeonDev Games Collection And A Robot Named Fight! Physical Releases Also Coming, Via Premium Edition Games

Earlier today, new publisher Premium Edition Games revealed that it would be debuting with limited physical copies of Super Bloody Hockey for Nintendo Switch. However, that’s not all that game collectors have to look forward to!

The company also released a Direct-style announcement video where it revealed that it would also be handling physical copies of PigeonDev Games Collection and A Robot Named Fight! for Nintendo Switch. PigeonDev Games Collection combines 4 titles from developer PigeonDev onto a single cartridge – and will see release this coming Winter. Meanwhile, physical copies of A Robot Named Fight! will be available in Summer 2021.

You can check out all the details in the video below: