Pikachu-Themed Tokyo Banana Snack Announced In Japan

Pikachu-Themed Tokyo Banana Snack Announced In Japan

For many folks travelling to and from Japan, Tokyo Banana snacks have been a popular souvenir to obtain when returning home or when visiting friends in the country – especially with their unique banana filling and shape. Well, it looks like Pokemon fans will also be salivating over the latest new variant of the treat later this month!

The Pokemon Company has officially announced new Pikachu versions of the Tokyo Banana snack – with six random designs and costing 291 yen per pack of two. The electrifying snack will go on sale at 7-Eleven Japan stores in limited quantities on 21 November 2020, followed by a more general release JR Tokyo Station on 10 December 2020.

Here are more pictures below:

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