Platinum Games Has Started Hiring Too

Platinum Games Has Started Hiring Too

The team behind Bayonetta 3 and The Wonderful 101, Platinum Games, has started looking for new developers to join their team.

Platinum Games is currently looking for graduates who are graduating from April 2019. Roles open at the company include Artist (graphics designer), Programmer, Game Designer (planner), and Sound Engineer. Out of the 4 positions, Game Designers will have to work on a contractual basis, while the rest are regular position.

New employees can expect to take home an annual salary of 2,940,000 yen (USD26,371), or roughly 245,000 yen (USD2197) a month. A travel allowance of 20,000 yen (USD179) is provided every month, but it has already been factored into the salary. Working overtime? Platinum Games will gladly pay for it too, whether it’s working overnight or during public holidays.

Besides a fixed salary, Platinum Games encourages their employees to set up a family as the company provides a monthly “child allowance” of 5000 yen (USD45) to the child of every employee that has yet to reach 18 years old.

New employees can expect to work for a trial period of 3 to 6 months, from 9:30am to 6pm daily. They do not have to come back to work during weekends and public holidays. Platinum Games provide all employees annual paid vacation of up to 10 days a year, vacation time during summer and new year break, as well as “refresh vacation” after a game has wrapped up development.

An extensive welfare program has been set up by the company providing the following benefits: Social insurance (healthcare, welfare pension, unemployment insurance, worker accident insurance), property accumulation savings system, providing employees a small percentage of shares in the company, free beverages inside the company (vending machine, water), mental healthcare, “massage medical treatment” during business trips, and small money disbursed for weddings, child birth, etc.

Think you make the cut? Submit your application here. Or check out what Game Freak has to offer here.