Some Players Getting Faulty Download Code With Bayonetta 2

Some Players Getting Faulty Download Code With Bayonetta 2

Users on Reddit and other online forums have been reporting that their Bayonetta download code included in the physical version of Bayonetta 2 does not work.

The issue seems to be affecting North American copies of the game. Further details are provided by Reddit user ZypherMyth:

Apparently they’ve had issues with many boxes erroneously having a serial code instead of a download code printed on the insert.

I believe the indicator that you have an incorrect code printed is that your download code starts with URPH

Only solution is to call Nintendo Support. Only about 10 min wait and they’ll work through with you to get Bayonetta downloaded.

Many players have reported into the thread that their code did not work, with some saying that they received a replacement download code via email or over the phone with a Nintendo representative. This issue seems pretty widespread, but at least Nintendo is willing to provide a working code to those who were unlucky.