More Poke Ball Terrariums Are Coming Soon

More Poke Ball Terrariums Are Coming Soon

Rement, the manufacturer of Pokemon Candy Toys, has announced the second lineup of Poke Ball Terrariums.

The reason why Rement decided to make a second series is due to the immense popularity and success of the first series of Poke Ball Terrariums. Here’s a look at the second series which is cooler than the first.

The first terrarium features Pikachu and Togepi in a snow setting. Other than that, there’s Squirtle in a waterfall, Charizard in the sky, Psyduck and Poliwag together, Sandshrew and Cubone in the desert together, and finally Articuno in an icy land.

Each Poke Ball terrarium is packaged with a small piece of chewing gum. The second series of Poke Ball Terrarium are planned to launch in March 2018. Pre-orders are scheduled to begin next week. We’ll let you know once they are available for purchase on Amazon Japan!