Pokemon And 3COINS Team Up For New Products

Pokemon And 3COINS Team Up For New Products

The Pokemon Company and 3COINS have announced a new merchandise lineup featuring 3COINS designed Pokemon products.

3COINS is a retailer and product manufacturer that specializes in selling high quality products at an affordable 300 yen (hence the name 3COINS). This special merchandise series will be available at 3COINS starting July 14, 2018 in Japan, featuring Pokemon such as Pikachu, Rowlet, Alola Vulpix, and Cosmog.

Check out the list of products, prices (all exclusive 8% sales tax), and images below.

Kitchen Sponge – 300 yen

Melamine Plate – 300 yen

Melamine Cup – 300 yen

Recycling Bag – 300 yen

Silicone Smartphone Case – 500 yen

Die Cut Cushion – 500 yen

Sliding Mirror – 300 yen

Rainproof Pouch – 300 yen

Die Cut Fusen – 150 yen