Pokemon Card Collection Sold For Over $100,000 In Auction

Pokemon Card Collection Sold For Over $100,000 In Auction

Even the most casual of Pokemon fans is probably aware that collecting Pokemon Trading Cards can be a pretty lucrative investment, but just how much money could you hope to earn by keeping your cards in good condition?

As one answer to that question, TMZ reported on a collection of 103 vintage Pokemon cards sold through Goldin Auctions last week. The collection contained numerous rare cards including a first edition Charizard as well as holographic Alakazam, Chansey and Blastoise cards.

Being in perfect condition (Gem 10 Mint rating), the cards were sold off for about $107,010 in total. With that in mind, Pokemon TCG players who have a habit of being a little too rough with their cards may want to be more careful, you never know what they could be worth some day.

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