Pokemon Center My251 Campaign Announced In Japan

Pokemon Center My251 Campaign Announced In Japan

Last year, The Pokemon Company kicked off a campaign called My151 Campaign featuring the 151 Pokemon hailing from the Kanto region at Pokemon Center locations and Pokemon Cafe across Japan.

A new campaign similar to My151 has been announced. The campaign is called My251 Campaign featuring all the Pokemon from the Kanto region and Johto region. My251 Campaign will kick off on June 8, 2019 in Japan with the following activities:

My251 Sticker Presents

278 stickers featuring Pokemon from My251 (Kanto and Johto region Pokemon) will be distributed at Pokemon Center locations, Pokemon Store locations, and Pokemon Cafe in Japan. Customers will receive a random sticker. Included in the stickers are 28 different types of Unown stickers. The distribution begins June 8, 2019. While stocks last.

My251 Shopping Bag

From June 8, 2019, special shopping bags with My251 Campaign designs will be distributed at Pokemon Center and Pokemon Store locations in Japan. Comes with every purchase, while stocks last.

My251 Shipping Boxes

Starting June 8, the official Pokemon Center Online website will deliver products in My251 shipping boxes. There are over 20 types of My251 shipping boxes to collect. While stocks last.

Pokemon Fit Series 3

The Pokemon Fit series is receiving a new line of Johto region Pokemon plushies. Details here.

My251 Photo Contest

The Pokemon Company will host a My251 Photo Contest where fans will have to take and submit photos of Johto Pokemon plushies. More details will be announced on June 8.

Pokemon Cafe Limited Time Menu

The official Pokemon Cafe in Japan will serve Pokemon Gold/Silver menu items for a limited time starting June 8. Details here.

Pokemon Ga-Ole Special Course at Pokemon Center

A special course will be playable at Pokemon Ga-Ole machines found at all Pokemon Center and Pokemon Store locations in Japan from June 8 to July 3, 2019. The special course features the Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh and Lugia.

Last but not least, more details concerning the campaign will be published at the “Otokuna Bulletin Board” on June 8, so stay tuned.