Pokemon Center reveals Alola Festival merchandise

Pokemon Center reveals Alola Festival merchandise

unseAs July is coming, a new lineup of summer themed merchandise is hitting Pokemon Center pretty soon. The theme for this year’s summer lineup is Alola Festival, featuring Pikachu and their Alola friends celebrating the time of the year.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from the Alola Festival lineup.

To get into the mood, Pikachu has dressed up for the occasion. Standard plush and mascot versions of Alola Festival Pikachu will be available for purchase.

Alolan Exeggutor is finally appearing at Pokemon Centers in mascot form. Sadly, no standard plush has been spotted yet.

If you really want to look like Alola Festival Pikachu, you can grab a complete set of wearables – straw-hat with Pikachu ears, black Pyukumuku T-shirt (in gallery below), and Alola Sunset Aloha shirt (not pictured).

The Alola Festival lineup launches on July 15, 2017 in Pokemon Centers and Stores across Japan. A complete list of the Alola Festival merchandise and various images can be found below. Prices do not include the 8% sales tax.

Alola Festival! Pikachu standard plush 1,800 yen
Alola Festival! Pikachu mascot 1,200 yen
Pyukumuku/Alolan Exeggutor/Alolan Marowak mascot 1,000 yen each
Arcylic Keyholder Collection Alola Festival! 500 yen (10 to collect, 1 secret type. Blind pack)
A4 Clear File Set (2 pieces) Alola Festival! 460 yen
Sticker Alola Festival! 500 yen
Desk pad Alola Festival! 250 yen
General purpose notebook Alola Festival! 170 yen
Pyukumuku soft purse 800 yen
Handkerchief Alola Festival! 340 yen
Handkerchief Alola Sunset  340 yen
Small towel Alola Festival! 380 yen
Small towel Alola Sunset 380 yen
Muffler towel with pocket Alola Festival! 1,000 yen
T-shirt (130/150) Alola Festival! 2,500 yen
T-shirt (S/M/L) Alola Festival! 3,000 yen
Aloha Shirt 130 Alola Sunset 3,000 yen
Aloha Shirt (S/M/L) Alola Sunset 3,600 yen
Flat Straw Hat with Pikachu ears (54cm/58cm) 3,400 yen
Beach sandels Alola Sunset (Kids 19cm/M 24cm/L 26cm) 各1,600 yen
Tote Bag Pikachu Ioio by ‘Iolani Sportswear, Ltd. 4,000 yen
Mini Tote Bag Pikachu Ioio by ‘Iolani Sportswear, Ltd. 3,200 yen
Pouch Pikachu Ioio by ‘Iolani Sportswear, Ltd. 1,800 yen
Tissue box cover Pyukumuku 2,000 yen