Pokemon Center Reveals Pokemon Old Maid Card Game

Pokemon Center Reveals Pokemon Old Maid Card Game

The Pokemon Company has announced a very interesting product exclusive to Pokemon Center locations in Japan today.

The new product is called Pokemon Old Maid, a Pokemon take on the classic Old Maid game. In Old Maid, players form pairs of cards and discard them. If they discard two cards that are not a pair, they become the old maid. Or, if a player is left with a queen, they lose and become the old maid. In the case of Pokemon Old Maid, Gengar is the Queen, so anyone who obtains Gengar loses.

Here are the instructions of the game (pictures and Japanese text):

A video demonstrating how to play:

Pokemon Old Maid launches May 11, 2019 for 600 yen (excluding 8% sales tax) at Pokemon Center locations across Japan. NintendoSoup Store will take pre-orders in the near future.