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cn, u, y, n5, afr, 9, n8z, zu, a, Pokemon Center Singapore Sells Out Of Lucky Bags At 6am In The Morning, Less Than 100 Were Made | NintendoSoup
Pokemon Center Singapore Sells Out Of Lucky Bags At 6am In The Morning, Less Than 100 Were Made

Pokemon Center Singapore Sells Out Of Lucky Bags At 6am In The Morning, Less Than 100 Were Made

On January 1, 2020, Pokemon Center Singapore kicked off sales for their 2020 Lucky Bags, which contain a random assortment of Pokemon Center merchandise and exclusive cushions and a great price.

According to sources at Pokemon Singapore, there were people lining up outside the store at 11pm the day before sales began. These people lined up in order to purchase the Lucky Bags. The line continued to form and staff at the Pokemon Center gave out tickets to purchase the Lucky Bags before it opened at 10am. The last person to receive the ticket, we were told, entered the line at 6 in the morning, about 4 hours before the store opened.

Despite the high demand and excitement, Pokemon Center Singapore prepared too few of these bags – we were informed that less than 100 Lucky Bags were offered for sale. Of course, given how quickly the bags sold out, many people showed their displeasure on Facebook, and they were confused by how the bags could have sold out before 10am:

Unfortunately, there are no plans to restock the Lucky Bag this year, so if you’re interested you might want to consider grabbing the Japanese PikaPika Lucky Bag 2020 from NintendoSoup Store this weekend.

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