Pokemon Center Singapore Will Be The Only Store In The Asia Region, Aiming To Match Quality Of Japanese Stores

Pokemon Center Singapore Will Be The Only Store In The Asia Region, Aiming To Match Quality Of Japanese Stores

Today, the NintendoSoup team visited Pokemon Center Singapore during the Changi Jewel preview. During our time there, we managed to speak to a PR representative from The Pokemon Company (TPC) and ask some questions.

Overall, we did manage to hear some interesting tidbits from TPC’s perspective. Namely, we learned that TPC currently has no plans to establish more Pokemon Centers in Asia – and they seemed more focused on making the Singapore store as good as Japan’s own Pokemon Centers.

With regards to any future merchandise and events at the Singapore store, however, TPC chose to keep their plans quiet.

Check out selected bits of our conversation below.

NintendoSoup: Hello, and thank you for this opportunity to speak about Pokemon Center Singapore. To start off – how did this plan for the Singapore store at Changi Airport even start in the first place?

TPC: Well, it was actually Changi Airport Group (CAG) which approached us about the idea. At the time, TPC was also exploring the possibility of expanding into Asia – so that was how the discussion between us began.

NintendoSoup: Is TPC planning to start up more Pokemon Center stores in other parts of Asia?

TPC: No. Pokemon Center Singapore will be the only Asian store outside of Japan.

NintendoSoup: Does TPC currently have plans to sell more Singapore-exclusive merchandise, like the Pilot and Cabin Attendant plushies?

TPC: For now, we have nothing to announce for that.

NintendoSoup: How about distribution events? Will visitors be able to get serial codes to download Pokemon into their games?

TPC: We have nothing to announce there, as well.

NintendoSoup: How often can we expect Pokemon Center Singapore to receive regular merchandise from Japan?

TPC: We have no comment on that. However, the Singapore store should be following a seasonal schedule when rotating merchandise, similar to Japan’s Pokemon Centers.

NintendoSoup: Thank you so much for these insights. On a closing note – how does TPC envision the future of Pokemon Center Singapore?

TPC: For now, our goal is for the Singapore store to match the quality of Pokemon Centers back in Japan. This means creating the same kind of pleasant experiences for visitors over here.

That’s all we have to share today. We thank the TPC’s representative for their time, and hope to report more on Pokemon Center Singapore in the future. Stay tuned!