Pokemon Center’s Summer Life Merchandise Up For Purchase

Pokemon Center’s Summer Life Merchandise Up For Purchase

Amazon Japan has started offering Pokemon Center’s Summer 2018 collection, Pokemon Summer Life, for international shipping.

Most products shown here are now available for purchase on Amazon Japan (purchase links provided below). Ships worldwide as long as the seller indicated is “Amazon.co.jp”. Check out our guide first if you are new to shopping on Amazon Japan.

First, a look at the adorable plushies, featuring Pikachu (male), Pikachu (female), Rowlet, and Snorlax.

Look at the wonderful detail on the Pikachu plush dolls!

Rowlet lives inside a tree, but you can take it out anytime you want.

Meanwhile, Snorlax rests in a Pikachu tent, wearing it like a jacket!

Acrylic Charm Collection

A4 Clear File (2 in a set) / Sketch Book / Sticker

T-shirts (available in 150, S, M, L)

4 Plate Set / 4 Cup Set / 2 Seal-able Container Set

Stainless Steel Bottle

Next up – bags from Outdoor Products! Keep in mind there are real bags for everyday use and mini replica models.

Backpack / Kids BackpackBackpack Mini Replica Model / Drum Bag Mini Replica Model

Drawstring Pouch

Muffler Towel / Handkerchief / Mini Towel

Snack Bucket