Pokemon Center’s World Market Merchandise Features Every Pokemon Region

Pokemon Center’s World Market Merchandise Features Every Pokemon Region

The Pokemon Company has announced a new product line called Pokemon World Market for Pokemon Center locations in Japan.

Pokemon World Market is a product line inspired by the regions of the Pokemon world. In the Pokemon World Market line you can find merchandise designed after famous Pokemon and items that come from the various regions.

Here are some examples:

Moo Moo Milk stainless bottle

Lava Cookies

Alolan Exeggutor Plush Ball Pen…!

Pokemon World Market merchandise launches June 29, 2019 at Pokemon Center locations in Japan and Amazon Japan with international shipping (we will let you know once pre-orders are live).

Check out the prices, products, and images below.

Puchi Figure Collection  650 yen
※7 types. Design cannot be chosen
Stainless Bottle  2,500 yen(★)
Ball Pen Plush Alolan Exeggutor 1,000 yen(★)
Drawstring Pouch  463 yen(★)
Pouch  1,600 yen(★)
Plush Cushion Pyukumuku 4,200 yen(★)
Lava Cookies 950 yen
Mascot Clefairy Puppet 1,000 yen(★)
A4 Clear File 2 Set  460 yen(★)
Acrylic Charm Collection  500 yen
※8 designs. Design cannot be chosen
Play Mat  500 yen(★)
Multi Smartphone Cover  3,000 yen(★)
Mini Bath Towel  2,000 yen(★)
Hand Towel  500 yen(★)
Masking Tape Set  600 yen(★)
Post Card 7 Set  900 yen(★)
Memo  550 yen(★)
Sticker  500 yen(★)
Tote Bag  3,500 yen(★)
Mini Purse  2,900 yen(★)
Pass Case  1,200 yen(★)

All prices exclusive of 8% sales tax

Items marked(★)will be available on Amazon Japan