Pokemon Detective Pikachu Movie Will Have Pokemon That Look Photorealistic

Pokemon Detective Pikachu Movie Will Have Pokemon That Look Photorealistic

In a recent interview by IGN, the outlet interviewed Pokemon: Detective Pikachu movie director Rob Letterman.

When Letterman came aboard as director for Pokemon Detective Pikachu, he instantly fell in love with the story thanks to its originality. Letterman also revealed that the technology that’s being used in Pokemon Detective Pikachu will help to make Pokemon look photorealistic and alive in the movie.

Check out Letterman’s full comments below.

“The Pokemon Company, they’ve already made many, many movies of Ash, and they came to Legendary with this idea of using a new character. So when I came onboard, I was pitched this character of Detective Pikachu, and I fell in love with the story behind it. It’s a really great story. It was something with a lot of heart, and it was just very unique. And because there’s already been so much work done with Ash, for the first live-action movie I thought it was a really good idea to try something new with a new character, but bake it into the universe of Pokemon. So it still follows all the rules, and we get to see a lot of our favorite things.

They’re incredibly real, you should think of it as the way [Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy character] Rocket Raccoon sits in the movie as if he’s really there. It’s that technology. The same group of people that worked on that, or worked on Jungle Book. We’ve got the people on it that worked on Fantastic Beasts. They’re technically, some of the most high-end visual effects in the world. It’s completely photorealistic, like they are alive and in the movie.”