Pokemon Fan Creates Incredible Groudon Costume

Pokemon Fan Creates Incredible Groudon Costume

Pokemon fans should be no strangers to the many mascots that greet guests at various events within Japan and elsewhere. Not all Pokemon have such mascots, however, and one fan recently made it their mission to bring a legend to life!

Reddit user u/blastoise_irl (as their name implies) previously crafted a human-sized Blastoise costume for themselves – and has now completed their latest masterpiece after 1.5 years of hard work. As you can see above and below, they’ve created a pretty convincing Groudon costume measuring up to 1.8 m tall!

Say hello to my Groudon costume! from pokemon

One might be fooled into thinking it was an official Pokemon mascot costume! It’s definitely some impressive stuff, and hopefully we see this talented individual continue to make amazing Pokemon costumes like this!