Pokemon Mezastar Arcade Game Launches September 17 In Japan

Pokemon Mezastar Arcade Game Launches September 17 In Japan

The Pokemon Company has announced the launch date of the Pokemon MEZASTAR arcade game for Japan.

Developed by Takara Tomy and Marvelous (who also made Pokémon Ga-Olé), Pokemon MEZASTAR is a more co-op focused experience that lines up two arcade cabinets for wide-screen two player battles. It is set to launch on September 17 in Japan, a few weeks before Pokémon Ga-Olé is set to be discontinued.

Some additional details about the game can be found below (translated via Siliconera) while more screenshots can be found on the official website here.

  • In Pokemon Mezastar, you can partake in “Special Tag Battles,” a mode that connects the two screens for the players.
  • Pokemon Mezastar offers exciting 3v3 battles, but the main draw is its collectible “tags” that it dispenses.
    • Each cabinet has three lanes to slot tags, which you use for battle. The battles are simple for the most part and require actions such as timing roulettes and button-mashing.
    • If you can manage to fill up the “Get Gauge” of one of the three opposing Pokemon, you’ll get a chance to try catching all three of them, with the option to spend an extra 100 yen to guarantee that you’ll catch one of the three Pokemon.
    • By “catching” a Pokemon, you’ll acquire them as a tag that dispenses from the arcade machine. You can then use these tags as “Support Pokemon” to have them join your party and help in battle. You can get a maximum of five tags per play.
  • Furthermore, the game will feature “Star Pokemon” from the very start of service. These are extra rare and powerful Pokemon that includes Legendaries and Mythical Pokemon in the lineup.
    • The extra powerful and rare “Super Star Pokemon” will also appear during the Special Tag Battle co-op play.

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