Pokemon Surf Merchandise Officially Revealed For Pokemon Center Japan

Pokemon Surf Merchandise Officially Revealed For Pokemon Center Japan

The Pokemon Company has formally unveiled the full lineup of Pokemon Surf merchandise for Pokemon Center Japan.

Pokemon Surf features Pikachu,  Slowpoke, Oshawott, Marshtomp, and other Pokemon surfing at sea. You can expect mascots, keychains, towels, and other products based on the Pokemon Surf artwork.

Here’s a look at some key products:

Pokemon Surf is scheduled to launch on July 20, 2019 at Pokemon Center and Pokemon Store locations in Japan. It’ll also be available on Amazon Japan fro international shipping. We will let you know once it’s live!

Check out the products, prices, and images below:

Mascot Pikachu  1,200 yen(★)
Mascot Slowpoke  1,200 yen(★)
Mascot Oshawott  1,200 yen(★)
Mascot Marshtomp  1,200 yen(★)
Keychain Surfing Pikachu 600 yen(★)
Keychain Surfing Slowpoke 600 yen(★)
Keychain Surfing Marshtomp 600 yen(★)
Plastic Drinking Cup  600 yen(★)
Acrylic Charm Collection  500 yen
※7 designs to collect. Cannot be chosen.
Handkerchief  340 yen
Free-Use Notebook  170 yen
Deskpad  250 yen
A4 Clear File  240 yen
Sticker  500 yen(★)
Mini Towel  380 yen
Muffler Towel  1,000 yen(★)
Drawstring Pouch  600 yen(★)
Mini Drawstring Pouch  400 yen
Pouch  1,500 yen(★)
Tote Bag  3,000 yen(★)
Sticker Pikachu 300 yen
Sticker Pikachu Surf 300 yen
Sticker Pikachu&Raichu 300 yen
Sticker Pikachu&Slowpoke 300 yen
Sticker Rainbow 300 yen
Keychain Pikachu 600 yen(★)
Keychain Surfboard 600 yen(★)
Keychain Rainbow 600 yen(★)
Hard Jacket for iPhone 8/7/6s/6  1,880 yen(★)
Multi Smartphone Cover  3,000 yen(★)
Foldable Mirror  1,400 yen(★)
Flat Pouch  1,500 yen(★)
Pass Case  1,500 yen(★)
Hand Towel  500 yen(★)
Wide Towel  3,500 yen(★)
Anti-Rain Pouch  1,500 yen(★)
Clear Bottle  1,400 yen(★)
T-shirt Pikachu (S/M/L) 3,000 yen(★)
T-shirt Pikachu&Raichu (S/M/L) 3,000 yen(★)
T-shirt Rainbow (120/130/140) 2,500 yen(★)
NEW ERA® 9FORTY™ Cap  4,000 yen(★)
A4 Clear File Pikachu 240 yen
Croquis SQ  530 yen(★)

All prices exclusive of 8% sales tax

Items marked(★) will be available on Amazon Japan