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k0, 89m, xjp, sp, jn, 8, bb1, m, zb, v, y, j, 6qh, 7qx, 36o, 1, y, qpm, i0, bz2, gu, 9ww, Pokemon Sword And Shield Could Be Compatible With Poke Ball Plus | NintendoSoup
Pokemon Sword And Shield Could Be Compatible With Poke Ball Plus

Pokemon Sword And Shield Could Be Compatible With Poke Ball Plus

Last year, Nintendo released an accessory called Poke Ball Plus alongside Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu/Eevee. This accessory could be used as a controller for the game and even as a way to play Pokemon GO.

Now it seems that the Poke Ball Plus might have some use outside of Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu/Eevee and Pokemon GO – Pokemon Sword and Shield. This is because French distributor WT&T has put up four product listings on their wholesale database. Two of the listings are for the standard editions of Pokemon Sword and Shield. The other two are for unannounced Poke Ball Plus bundles packaged with Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Loot Pots, which first found the listings, claims the listings are unlikely to be mistakes. Although some information from the previous Pokemon Let’s GO Poke Ball Plus bundles were used for the Pokemon Sword and Shield Poke Ball Plus bundles, the EAN number wasn’t carried over and the listings for the Let’s GO Poke Ball Plus bundles were removed, suggesting that this was intentional and unlikely to be a mistake.

If the listings turn out to be true, this means the Poke Ball Plus will be compatible with Pokemon Sword and Shield. We’ll have to wait until an official announcement is made.

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