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p, 9, Pokemon Sword And Shield Double Pack With Exclusive Galar Artbook Up For Pre-Order | NintendoSoup
Pokemon Sword And Shield Double Pack With Exclusive Galar Artbook Up For Pre-Order

Pokemon Sword And Shield Double Pack With Exclusive Galar Artbook Up For Pre-Order

NintendoSoup Store has started taking international pre-orders for a Pokemon Sword and Shield Double Pack bundle with Galar Artbook exclusive to Pokemon Center Japan.

The bundle includes a Pokemon Sword and Shield Double Pack which contains a copy of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield (playable in English and all other languages, region free) and an exclusive Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield GALAR ART Book. It does not include the Galar starter figurines from Good Smile Company.

Please keep in mind that all the items we have listed above, except for the Pokemon Sword and Shield Double Pack, could only be obtained from Pokemon Center Japan.

Pre-order from NintendoSoup Store (ships worldwide, out November 15).