Pokemon Sword And Shield Has Two Different Types Of Shiny Pokemon

Pokemon Sword And Shield Has Two Different Types Of Shiny Pokemon

Today we have an interesting discover to share relating to Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sword And Shield.

Aside from having a different color from the originals, Shiny Pokemon also have a special “sparkling” animation when they are sent into battle. Different versions of this “sparkling” animation have been used throughout the Pokemon series, and is in fact where the term “shiny” comes from.

As shared by sources such as PokeXperto and Serebii, it has been discovered that Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sword And Shield can have one of two different types of “sparkling” animations: One with the typical star-shaped sparkles, and one that has square-shaped sparkles. Both these animations have different rarities, with square-shaped sparkles reportedly being rarer than the star-shaped ones.

A comparison of both types of sparkles can be found below (from PokeXperto), along with an explanation of the current rates (from Serebii)

Serebii’s Rates Explanation

  • When breeding Pokémon, static encounters and Max Raid Battles
    • 15/16 chance of being a Pokémon with the Stars sparkle
    • 1/16 chance of having the Squares sparkle.
  • When you encountering a shiny Pokémon as a standard wild encounter
    • 15/16 chance of the Pokémon having the Squares sparkle
    • 1/16 chance of it having the stars one.
    • Note: This may be due to a programming error

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