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Edition (Switch) | NintendoSoup
I am Setsuna English Asia Physical Edition (Switch)

I am Setsuna English Asia Physical Edition (Switch)


Free international shipping and tracking. Official Nintendo Switch physical release (English Asia boxart) for I am Setsuna exclusive to Asia. Official English cover shrink wrapped above the Japanese game. Region free.

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Release date: March 3, 2017

Description: Free international shipping and tracking. Official Nintendo Switch physical release (English Asia boxart) for I am Setsuna exclusive to Asia. Official English cover shrink wrapped above the Japanese game. Region free.

Languages: Japanese, English, French

Shipping: Free International Shipping (Airmail) with tracking number – takes 5 to 14 working days for North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, about 2 to 4 weeks for Central America and South America. Ships directly from Singapore


I am Setsuna English Asia Physical Edition (Switch)

Game Description:

I am Setsuna is a powerfully nostalgic experience, blending a classic style of story-telling, battle system and gameplay.

This is the story of Setsuna; a young woman of incredible inner strength and the sacrifice she must make to save the people of her land.

The Island had a custom.
To maintain peace, once a decade, a sacrifice was offered to a fiend on the island.

However, one year, the fiend grew violent before the next sacrifice was due.
Those living on the island were afraid and tried to calm the fiend by offering a sacrifice; Setsuna, chosen because of her powers of enchantment.
Setsuna must leave with her guards for the farthest land, where the ceremony of sacrifice will be held.

Key Features:
• An emotionally impactful story which immerses players in the narrative of Setsuna, whose story portrays heartrending sorrow
• A new battle system inspired by the timeless JRPG classic, Chrono Trigger
• 20 + hours of seamless action, a more compact experience factoring in target market’s availability of time
• A great homage to JRPG masterpieces of yesteryear, beautiful character designs and varied in-game locales evoke nostalgia for classic RPGs

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