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Pokemon Scale World Johto

Pokemon Scale World Johto


Pokemon Scale World is a brand new line of highly detailed Pokemon and Pokemon Trainer figures by Bandai! Each figure is a 1/20 scale version of the original Pokemon or character. Pokemon Scale World Johto contains 15 figurines which guarantee you a full set.

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Release date: January 2020

Description: Pokemon Scale World is a brand new line of highly detailed Pokemon and Pokemon Trainer figures by Bandai! Each figure is a 1/20 scale version of the original Pokemon or character. Pokemon Scale World Johto contains 15 figurines which guarantee you a full set.

Shipping: Express Mail Service (EMS) – takes 2 to 5 working days, ships directly from Japan


Pichu – 15mm (height) x 15mm (width)

Typhlosion – 85mm (height) x 85mm (width)


  1. Chikorita and Espeon
  2. Cyndaquil and Quilava
  3. Totodile and Umbreon
  4. Wobbuffet, Female Wobbuffet, Unown G, Unown S
  5. Pichu, Aipom, Togepi
  6. Typhlosion
  7. Ethan

Soda flavored gum

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