Project Octopath Traveler Developers Improve The Game Through Fan Feedback

Project Octopath Traveler Developers Improve The Game Through Fan Feedback

Nintendo has released a new video for Project Octopath Traveler, revealing the results from the survey fans have taken to improve the game.

First up, Square Enix developers revealed the Project Octopath Traveler demo has been downloaded more than 1 million times. The survey received over 45,500 responses. The developers then revealed a huge list of improvements they’ve added to the game based on the feedback received from the survey, including a fast travel option, improved visibility, skip scene button, game balance, and much more.

Check out the full details and video below.

Over one million downloads and 45500+ survey responses.

Quick notes on the improvements based on feedback:

You can run by pushing the analog stick all the way (no need to toggle with B) and hold B to run even faster (although random enemy encounters go up to balance this)

Fast travel option in full game

Adjustments to designs of the environment. This was based on the issues with visibility, especially in dungeons, so traversable areas stand out, adjustments to wall and floor colour, and visible landmarks, among other changes.

Radar that points players towards entrances, exits and important places

Improved visibility and can adjust screen brightness, and can adjust HD-2D filters

Fixed issue where it was too easy to accidentally overwrite your save, and there are now 9 save slots and 1 autosave slot – a total of 10 save slots

Adjusted text size and streamlined the UI

Skip scene option (good for when you die against a boss and can skip the cutscenes that might occur beforehand when you go to redo the fight)

Option to replay cutscenes

Option to change text speed

Game balance refinement. Some people found the combat difficult and while the core combat has not changed, refinements to game balance are continuing to be made so that battles provide a good challenge, but are not overly frustrating. The team have also not yet shown battles with a full party of four and there are many more important elements not shown yet so they say to stay tuned for future updates.

They even said in the video that they took each and every one of the comments into careful consideration.