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Cadence Of Hyrule Gets Rigged With A Dance Mat, And It's Glorious | NintendoSoup
Random: Cadence Of Hyrule Gets Rigged With A Dance Mat, And It’s Glorious

Random: Cadence Of Hyrule Gets Rigged With A Dance Mat, And It’s Glorious

It looks like one Nintendo fan might be taking Cadence of Hyrule a little too seriously – in the best way possible.

In the past, we’ve reported on gamers hooking up bizarre controllers such as the DK Bongos to make their gaming sessions a personal hell. This time is no different, with Gamespot video producer @JeanLucSeipke taking on the Dance Dance Revolution challenge and using one of the game’s mats to conquer Hyrule! We don’t even want to imagine how much of a work-out he’s going through, right now.

Check out the mad men with his smooth moves below.

What do you think of this insane feat? Would you hook up a dance mat yourself? Let us here your comments below.