RICO London Launches September 2nd For Switch

RICO London Launches September 2nd For Switch

Publisher Numskull Games and developer Ground Shatter have announced the release date for RICO London on Switch.

Originally revealed back in February, the stylish first-person shooter is scheduled to launch on September 2nd for Switch. For a recap of what the game is all about, you can check out its original announcement trailer below, along with additional details via Steam:


London, New Year’s Eve 1999.

While everyone is getting ready to party the metropolitan police are working overtime. Detective Inspector Redfern finds herself at the scene of an emerging arms trade at the foot of a high-rise tower. Without the permission of her superiors or the support of backup, Redfern prepares to go kick off the millennium with a bang.

RICO London is a gang-busting, name-taking, explosive co-op shooter. Battle your way up the high-rise tower stacked with East End gangsters solo or with a partner. Crash through doors, dodge bullets and turn the weapons of the fallen into your personal arsenal. Do whatever it takes reach the top.

  • High-Rise, Higher Stakes – Ascend the dangerous gang infested tower, taking on tougher goons as you advance. The higher you get the higher the stakes.
  • High Caliber – The three magazines of 9mm you brought with you were never going to get you past the first floor. Chop and change from your ever-expanding arsenal to suit the task at hand as you defeat enemies along the way.
  • Perks Of the Job – Customize your loadout with a series of performance enhancing perks and upgrades. Modify your skills as the night unfolds.
  • Double Trouble – It wouldn’t be a buddy cop shooter without a partner by your side. Call in a co-op ride-along, either local or online.

It is all down to you (and your partner) to bring the whole lot of them down, in the only way you can… kicking doors and shooting bad guys!

Key Features

  • Arcade-style gameplay.
  • Play through various game modes—Story (Easy), Classic (Medium), Hardcore (Hard), or daily play.
  • Compelling storyline with exhilarating gameplay to match it.
  • Buddy cop co-op shooter, in local or online.
  • Defeat different enemy types to collect new weapons and expand your arsenal.
  • Rescue civilian hostages and get them to safety.
  • Many collectible items to locate.
  • Moment-to-moment action packed gameplay.
  • Battle your way through the towers many stories.
  • Watch the chaos unravel in slow motion.
  • Cel-shaded, graphic-novel art style.

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