Role-Playing Horror Game Mothered Coming To Switch

Role-Playing Horror Game Mothered Coming To Switch

Dolores Entertainment has announced they will be bringing Mothered to Switch and other consoles.

Originally released back in December 2021 for PC, Mothered is a horror adventure game where players take the role of Liana, a girl who has come home to stay with her mother following a surgery, only to be greeted by an unsettling mannequin that has taken her place. It will be releasing on Switch and consoles at the end of this month on 31st March 2023.

Check out the trailer below:

MOTHERED is a first-person horror adventure game with point-and-click mechanics, set in a familiar yet eerily unnatural depiction of home. Set over the course of seven days, you play the role of LIANA – a young girl who’s arrived home to stay with her mother after having undergone major surgery. Upon arriving at your new home, all you find is a strange mannequin who claims to be your mother. Through speaking with this mannequin, you will discover more about the role you play in this world. Can Liana help mother go back to the things they were, or will you find yourself repeating past mistakes?

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