Rumor: Dataminers Uncover Full Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Indigo Disk Pokedex

Rumor: Dataminers Uncover Full Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Indigo Disk Pokedex

Following the recent launch of the first part of Pokemon Scarlet And Violet‘s DLC, dataminers have seemingly uncovered the full Pokedex for the DLC’s second part: The Indigo Disk.

This information was uncovered by Pokemon dataminers @mattyoukhana_ and @Kaphotics, pulled from data that Game Freak left behind in the Teal Mask. Read past the Spoiler Warning below for the full details:

According to Mattyoukhana’s findings, the Indigo Disk Pokedex will include 234 Pokemon from the base and past games, as well as 8 brand new Pokemon. Out of the 8 brand new Pokemon, 4 of them have already been revealed (Archaludon, Raging Bolt, Iron Crown, Terapagos), while the other 4 presumably have yet to be announced.

Interestingly, @Kaphotics has discovered that one of these unannounced Pokemon could be an evolution for Dipplin, itself a brand new evolution for Applin introduced in the Teal Mask. This was determined due to Dipplin having scrubbed data for an evolution method, as well as having the ability to use Eviolite, which only affects Pokemon that can evolve.

That said, we caution readers to take this list with a grain of salt. As with previous Pokemon DLCs, Game Freak may add even more Pokemon not listed here as HOME transfer exclusive Pokemon, meaning this is likely not the definitive list that will be added in the Indigo Disk dlc. Stay tuned for more updates as they come.

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