Rumor: Leaker Says Switch Successor Runs Final Fantasy 7 Remake “Like A PS5”

Rumor: Leaker Says Switch Successor Runs Final Fantasy 7 Remake “Like A PS5”

For the past few months, rumors of have been intensifying about the successor to the Nintendo Switch, which many believe could be launched as early as next year.

Now, a brand new rumor has surfaced courtesy of I’m a Hero Too, who is reportedly a “known videogame leaker”. In a lengthy Reddit post, the leaker made many claims echoing those shared by other insiders, such as the “Switch 2” using a new cartridge format, having backwards compatibility, and dev kits being already sent out to key developers.

However, the leaker also makes a bold, brand new claim that Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake is being ported to the new console, which is capable of running the game as well as the Playstation 5. They also speculate that it could be a launch title for the new console, although they clarified that they were “not sure”.


  • Switch 2 devkits have been here a while, I can verify it is backwards compatible with a few games tested. New cartridge. New camera feature.

Square Enix:

  • FF7R looks and runs like a PS5 game on Switch 2 devkit. Port took no time I’m told. Could be a launch game, not sure.

The original Switch has long been criticized for being underpowered compared to its contemporaries, so its successor being on par with the Playstation 5 would be a major selling point if true. Stay tuned for more updates as they come.

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