Rumor: Nintendo Could Reveal Their Next Console At Gamescom

Rumor: Nintendo Could Reveal Their Next Console At Gamescom

Earlier this week, rumors surfaced that Nintendo is planning to launch their next console after the Switch sometime in late 2024.

Now, news outlet startmenu has shared their own report regarding these rumors. The outlet claims to have received a tip from a source “in regular contact with multiple studios and platform holders across the industry”, who claimed that Nintendo was planning to reveal their next console at Gamescom, presumably referring to the 2023 show where Nintendo will be in attendance.

According to startmenu, they received this tip in early July 2023, and only decided to share this information due to the source sharing info that lined up with the more recent claims shared by VGC. Specifically, it was the part where Nintendo had already started sending development kits for this new console to key partner studios.

Even if the claims are true however, there are a number of factors that make it unlikely that Nintendo plans to publicly reveal their new console at Gamescom. Firstly, Nintendo still has a number of games for Switch in the pipleline, and revealing a new console now is likely to affect sales for these titles later in the year. Secondly, Gamescom is an event that Nintendo has not traditionally prioritized in the past, and it would be odd for them to make such a big announcement there as opposed to a different event.

That said, one other possibility is that Nintendo indeed plans to discuss the new console at the event, but only behind closed doors with their global partners. A private meeting with their third party developers would be a helpful head’s up for future projects, while also avoiding drawing too much attention to the new console before Nintendo is ready to reveal it.

As always, we caution readers to take this information with grain of salt. We will be sure to report back with more updates as they come.

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