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tpz, tb, ft, b, wev, 9, vp, kde, jdm, 4, u1t, enn, iwg, Rumor: Nippon Ichi Software Close To Bankruptcy | NintendoSoup
Rumor: Nippon Ichi Software Close To Bankruptcy

Rumor: Nippon Ichi Software Close To Bankruptcy

Today we have some disturbing news to share with you about Nippon Ichi Software, one of the biggest Japanese publishers in the video game industry.

A Nippon Ichi Software shareholder report this week published that the compensation limit for executives has been increased to five times of what it previously was before. This coincided with the sharp drop in the company’s stock due to troubles with the Disgaea mobile project.

Many now believe that the increase in executive compensation and other factors seen in previous months is a “cut and run” before Nippon Ichi Software goes into bankruptcy. Though the signs are pointing to that we certainly hope that’s not the case.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.