Rumor: Pokemon Company Teasing New Evolution For Eevee In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Rumor: Pokemon Company Teasing New Evolution For Eevee In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Ahead of the highly anticipated June 5th Pokemon Direct, a series of tweets from the Pokemon Company has led to a wave of speculation regarding the fan favorite Pokemon Eevee.

For the longest time, Pokemon fans have maintained that there is an “Eeveelution pattern” within the Pokemon series. Basically, the pattern posits that every even numbered generation of Pokemon will introduce a new evolution for the Pokemon Eevee. This pattern was first observed starting with Generation 2 (Espeon & Umbreon) and seemingly continued into Generation 4 (Leafeon & Glaceon) and Generation 6 (Sylveon).

With Pokemon Sword & Shield being the first games of Generation 8, many fans were wondering if they would be seeing the pattern continue, especially with the increased focus on Eevee lately. Then, with the Pokemon Direct only a couple of hours away, the official Pokemon Twitter account shared the following timely posts featuring Eevee front and center.

Furthermore, the Spanish Pokemon Twitter also jumped in on the action, posting a similar Eevee video only with a much more cryptic caption: “Today, we are just going to leave you with this.”.

With these posts in mind, fans are now speculating that a new Eeveelution will be revealed in today’s upcoming Pokemon Direct. With the presentation only a few hours away, we will soon know for sure if the Pokemon Company was really hinting at something, or if this was all just a coincidence.

What do you think? What sort of new Eeveelution would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below.