Rumor: Pokemon Scarlet And Violet May Include Hints For Future DLC

Rumor: Pokemon Scarlet And Violet May Include Hints For Future DLC

Back when Pokemon Sword And Shield first released, The Pokemon Company surprised everyone with the first ever DLC Expansion Pass for a mainline Pokemon game, adding new areas to explore, mysteries to uncover, and some brand new Pokemon.

Now, following the release of Pokemon Scarlet And Violet, fans have begun speculating whether these games will also get a DLC expansion like Sword/Shield, or perhaps a free update like Pokemon Legends Arceus. As it turns out, the games themselves seem to have left clues for what a potential DLC for the game might include.

As these could be considered spoilers for the games, only read on past the spoiler warning if you have completed the game or are comfortable being spoiled:

Over on Twitter, user @TheSkabRabbit compiled a comprehensive thread discussing the majority of the unexplained mysteries present in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet. Thjs includes a mysterious metal plate at the bottom of Area 0, the strange arrangement of four circles in the cave where Roaring Moon/Iron Valiant can be encountered, as well as a mysterious new Pokemon depicted in one of the Scarlet/Violet book entries.

Some excerpts from the thread, which is still ongoing, can be found below:

As it turns out, @TheSkabRabbit and other players may be on to something with their investigations. Prior to the games’ launch, Riddler_Khu, one of the leakers behind the initial Pokemon Scarlet And Violet leaks hinted that the DLC will involve a “Third Legendary” and that two Paradox Pokemon planned to be in the original games were cut to be added via DLC.

Indeed, the Scarlet/Violet books not only feature a mysterious disc-shaped Pokemon that could be this Third Legendary, but also depict Paradox Pokemon styled after Suicune and Virizion:

At the time of this writing, The Pokemon Company has yet to make and official announcements about potential DLC for Pokemon Scarlet And Violet. Stay tuned for more info as it comes.

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