Rumor: Pokemon Switch To Run On Unreal Engine 4

Rumor: Pokemon Switch To Run On Unreal Engine 4

The next mainline Pokemon Game is already in the works for the Nintendo Switch, with any luck we would even get to see a sneak peek of it next year, and you probably want to see it as well because it might be running on Unreal Engine 4.

Creatures Inc., who has been involved with producing the mainline Pokemon Game since time immemorable have recently put up a recruitment ad on their website looking for a “3D CG Artist”. While on the surface it does not look like it meant much, but to qualify for the job you had to be skilful in Unreal Engine 4.

Plus, the recruitment ad ran with this picture, which for the uninitiated, shows a Pikachu model being developed on Unreal Engine 4 Materials Blueprint.

So could the next Pokemon game be running Unreal Engine 4? If so, we could be seeing some high octane 3D graphics and gameplay environments that will make even Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon look retro.