Rumor: Pokemon Sword And Shield Legendaries Typing And Models Leaked

Rumor: Pokemon Sword And Shield Legendaries Typing And Models Leaked

After spilling the beans on many of its new Pokemon, some new leaks appear to have uncovered the mystery typings of Pokemon Sword And Shield‘s version legendaries.

As you may know, the Pokemon Company has gone out of its way to keep the typings of this Generation’s version Legendaries a secret, to the point where they still have not been officially revealed even though the games are coming out next week.

If you want to find out what their typings are (as well as an interesting additional secret about them) read on below:


As leaked on 4chan, Zacian and Zamazenta appear to have a weakened “base form” where they lack their signature weapons and bear many battle scars. In this form, Zacian has been confirmed to be a Pure Fairy type, while Zamazenta is a Pure Fighting type.

However, after regaining their signature weapons, both legendaries attain the form we see them in on the box covers. Zamazenta’s form is called “Crowned Shield Form” and is now Fighting/Steel. Unfortunately, it is still unknown what Zacian’s “powered up” form is called, although we can probably assume it will also get a new type in addition to Fairy.

Whatever the case, all will be revealed when the game launches next week on November 15th. We will be sure to bring all the latest details as they come.

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