Rumor: Switch Pro Controller Was Originally Going To Have A Headphone Jack

Rumor: Switch Pro Controller Was Originally Going To Have A Headphone Jack

Although the Switch Pro Controller is still arguably one of the best ways to enjoy Switch games, players still have their fair share of problems with it. One of these issues is the lack of a headphone jack.

This might seem like a relatively minor complaint to some, especially since the Switch itself has a headphone jack already. However, being able to plug your headphones into your Pro Controller is a lot more convenient in many ways. It makes it a lot more comfortable to play with headphones in docked mode for one, and you won’t have to worry about yanking your Switch out of the dock by accident when getting up. Furthermore, most Xbox and Playstation controllers come with headphone jacks, which makes it all the more mystifying that the Switch Pro Controller doesn’t.

However, according to a leaked document from the Switch’s NX days, this might not have always been the case. A user on Resetera recently found an interesting entry in the Version 1.2 (April 27 2016) document’s list of changes:

3.4. Peripheral Hardware

– Removed the reference to the headphone microphone jack for the NX Pro Controller.

This entry seems to suggest that earlier concepts of the Pro Controller originally had a headphone jack built in, but it was removed sometime during development. One wonders why Nintendo removed the headphone jack in the first place, especially since players aren’t too happy that its missing. Perhaps one day it will be added to a future version of the Pro Controller, but all we can do is wait and see.

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