Sakurai Talks About The Creation Of Kirby

Sakurai Talks About The Creation Of Kirby

Kirby just hopped onto the Nintendo Switch with Kirby Star Allies, and with a rich 25 year history, sometimes we wonder how our pink hero came about.

Throwing back to one of his earlier Famitsu columns, Kirby’s creator, Masahiro Sakurai, talked about the creation of Kirby and how the idea came about, as well as, improved.

Here is a portion of the column, translated by Source Gaming:

“I’ll make an action game where you utilize your enemies!” That was the idea I had in mind when I wrote up the project proposal that Kirby was born from. Then he was drawn in pixel art, animated on the NES, and given the power to inhale his foes and spit them back out. Being able to take multiple hits from enemies, yet dying immediately upon falling into a hole didn’t mix well in my mind, so I blew him up like a balloon, so that he could fly at any time. I was in charge of the planning, design, and most of the graphics. And so, the simple Game Boy game, Kirby’s Dream Land, was completed.

In the column, Sakurai also talked about Kirby’s silent nature and other details about the games. You can read the full translated piece here.


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