The Secret Behind Splatoon 2’s Realistic User-Created Artwork

The Secret Behind Splatoon 2’s Realistic User-Created Artwork

If you’ve been walking around the world of Splatoon 2, you may have noticed various Miiverse-like artwork drawn by other users. Some of these artwork look realistic, and you may have wondered – how did they do it?

One way is to use an image editing tool on your computer. Find the photo you want, crop it to 320 by 120 pixels, set the number of colors to 3, and painstakingly copy every pixel into the game. But that is going to take forever.

Another way is to use a custom program created by Shiny Quagsire, but you’ll need to have the right equipment to connect to the Nintendo Switch dock. Using both together, it will trick the Switch into thinking the program is a Pokken Tournament Pro Controller. The program will automatically generate the image for you in an hour’s time.

If you feel it’s a huge hassle doing either one of these methods – why not just admire the artwork drawn by other users? Perhaps that’s the best thing to do at the end of the day!



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