Sega Mega Drive Mini Release Delayed To October In Europe

Sega Mega Drive Mini Release Delayed To October In Europe

Some unfortunate news for European fans looking forward to getting their hands on the Sega Mega Drive Mini.

Sega has recently announced that the mini console will see a delay in Europe as well as the Middle East. Instead of launching on the original September 19 release date, the Mega Drive Mini will instead launch on October 4 in those regions.

According to Sega, this two week delay is due to “unavoidable logistical challenges”. Elaborating on the issue, a Sega spokesperson had this to say:

“We are committed to a successful launch for consumers in all territories, and this step will ensure we can meet demand and fulfil all the individual pre-orders and retail orders in Europe and the Middle East at the same time.”

“Customers in those regions are still able to preorder from participating retailers and those who have already preordered will only have to wait an extra two weeks for their little box full of retro magic.”

If you’re interested to see the full list of games that will be featured on the Mega Drive Mini, you can check out our previous coverage here.

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