Sega Talks Challenges of Bringing Sonic Forces to the Nintendo Switch

Sega Talks Challenges of Bringing Sonic Forces to the Nintendo Switch

Since the day Sega stepped aside from the console wars, they had a kind special relationship with Nintendo, therefore even before they knew what the Nintendo Switch was, Sonic Forces was already decided to be on the Nintendo Switch.

Speaking to dualshockers, Sonic Team spoke about their challenges with developing Sonic Forces for the Nintendo Switch. With the Switch still not revealed back then, the team worked for quite a while with nothing but imaginary specifications on their drawing board. The development for the Switch was so behind the other consoles that when the Xbox and PS4 versions were already in alpha, the Switch version only had one playable level.

Still, things were relatively easier thanks to the custom engine they were using and was in the end, finally able to meet the deadline.

The team also provided some technical stats for the game. The game will be running at 720p 30fps for both docked and tabletop mode. This is due to the Switch’s physical prowess (or lack thereof). However, if it is any consolation, the game’s controls will take in input at a rate of 60 per second. The team hopes that this will make the feel sharp and smooth.

You can read the team’s full interview with dualshockers here.

Sonic Forces will be released on the Nintendo Switch on 7 November 2017.