Sensible Permadeath and other features in Fire Emblem Warriors

Sensible Permadeath and other features in Fire Emblem Warriors

In a gamerinformer interview, game producer Youshuke Hayashi shed some light on Fire Emblem Warriors unique features.

When asked if permadeath will be added into the game. Hayashi said, “There’s definitely that element included in a way that makes sense for a Warriors game.” Confirming that permadeath will be making at least some appearance in the game.

Other information discussed in the interview included the roster size for Fire Emblem Warriors in which Hayashi confirmed that it will be larger than the typical eight to fourteen characters seen in Warriors games.

Also confirmed is the weapon triangle system that most Fire Emblem games rely on, meaning players will now have to pay attention to the weapon they’re using and adapt accordingly to different adversaries.

While there will be no romantic relationships in the game, Hayashi confirmed that there will be some form of support conversations to deepen the bond between allies.

While not as unique, Hayashi has also confirmed that the game will support local co-op, as well as, have a variety of game modes beyond the campaign. Both the Nintendo Switch and the 3DS version will also share the same storyline/content but graphics and on screen properties may differ between console.

Fire Emblem Warriors will be released Fall 2017 on both Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS. You can read more about the mentioned article here.