Shakedown Hawaii Launches Q1 2019, Physical Release For Select Platforms

Shakedown Hawaii Launches Q1 2019, Physical Release For Select Platforms

VBlank Entertainment has released tons of details for Shakedown: Hawaii.

Shakedown: Hawaii is currently in its final stretch of development and is expected to launch for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS in Q1 2019. Besides a digital release on Nintendo Switch and 3DS, Shakedown: Hawaii will receive physical versions on “select platforms” exclusively at the VBlank Entertainment Store. Hopefully, this will include the Switch.

Check out the trailer and details below.

Shakedown: Hawaii is in the final stretch of development… so, here’s the full scoop!

This new trailer dives deep into the game — revealing the world, story, empire building, characters, and customization. It’s the biggest trailer yet!

I’ll also be doing a gameplay livestream today at 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern, on the Vblank YouTube Channel. See the game in action, and subscribe to catch future streams too.

Plus, even more is revealed below. Take a watch, then read on down to see what’s been brewing!

So… When?!

The good news is that it’s finally content complete. However, it still has a few months of playtesting, polish, and platform certification left. I’m still heavily punching up the story, balancing the missions, tuning the gameplay, and making sure the jokes land — but rest assured, we’re now in the “coats of paint” stage.

Up until now, the release date’s been “when it’s ready” because getting the missions, story and humor just right’s been an organic and unpredictable process of iteration, and I’m still doing everything myself (aside from art and audio — but I even still do a lot of the art!). I’ve been working seven days a week for years, with the aim of “as soon as possible”, but it’s been a massive project to build and every piece takes time. Every missed #screenshotsaturday was another Saturday that I was simply too busy working to spare a moment to whip up a gif.

For the past year, I’ve been playing through the game over and over, building spreadsheets, and working to get everything to fit together nicely. This involved adding lots connective tissue — new cutscenes to bridge subplots, new missions to drive the pacing, and balancing the missions together with the story, the open world, and the empire building, then balancing the different characters and their arcs, and hitting the right tone of the humor.

All that said, it’s finally close enough to lock down a release window — it’ll be in your hands Q1 2019. An exact date will be locked down once everything’s wrapped in a bow, and completed each console platform’s certification process.

It will be released digitally on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS VITA, and 3DS, and physically on select platforms directly from Vblank, here.