Shenmue I & II May Make It To The Switch

Shenmue I & II May Make It To The Switch

Fans of Shenmue may want to egg the development team a little more as Sega seem to be open to bringing the original Shenmue remasters Shenmue I & II to the Nintendo Switch.

Speaking to 4Gamer at TGS 2018, localization producer and localization director, Hiroji Noguchi and Eigo Kasahara said that they would like the game to be on the Nintendo Switch although both of them were not sure if it could be done.

Hiroji Noguchi: Personally I think it would be nice to play Shenmue on Switch everywhere … (laughs)

Eigo Kasahara: I do not know if it can be done, but I take note of the views of the supporters. Even if answering this request, I would like to consider it.

Hopefully, if the demand continues to increase, Sega would actually put the game on the Nintendo Switch

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