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mta, pko, f5, bz2, Shu Uemura X Pokemon Product Collaboration Announced In Japan | NintendoSoup
Shu Uemura X Pokemon Product Collaboration Announced In Japan

Shu Uemura X Pokemon Product Collaboration Announced In Japan

Japanese beauty company Shu Uemura, which previously released a Super Mario Bros. collaboration, has teamed up with The Pokemon Company for a Pokemon product line.

The star of the all new Shu Uemura X Pokemon line is none other than Pikachu. Almost every of makeup kit, lipstick, and cosmetic set has Pikachu on it. Pre-orders for the Shu Uemura X Pokemon line will begin on October 25, 2019 in Japan, with the first wave launching November 1 and the second launching on November 15.

Check out all the items below:

Please keep in mind that the Shu Uemura X Pokemon Pikachu plush is not for sale.

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