The Silph Co. Is Selling Real Life Poke Balls In Japan

The Silph Co. Is Selling Real Life Poke Balls In Japan

Those of you who have played Pokemon Red and Blue will probably remember the Silph Company, an organization which produces Poke Balls and all sorts of technology in the Kanto region.

The Silph Co. has decided to venture into a new business – selling real life Poke Balls exclusively on Premium Bandai. Starting today Pokemon trainers can pre-order a set of Poke Balls inside premium quality Silph Co. packaging. Each set contains 10 Poke Balls, 1 Master Ball, 6 Poke Ball clip holders, and 3 packs of candy tablets.

Similar to other Poke Balls Bandai has been manufacturing in the past, the Silph Company’s Poke Balls are tablet cases that can store small pieces of candy. The Poke Balls that are sold in Silph Co. packaging come with a special Silph Co. logo inside it.

Each Poke Ball is coated with a high quality metallic finish and is perfect for people cosplaying as Pokemon trainers. You can even attach your Poke Balls to your clothing with the help of a clip holder provided with the Silph Co. set.

A black and white sleeve featuring none other than the Silph Company HQ is included as a fitting tribute to the Silph Co.

The Poke Ball Silph Company set is now available for pre-order exclusively on Premium Bandai. Ships in March 2018. Grab yours here (domestic shipping within Japan only).