Slowpoke Tails Return As Part Of Pokemon Sword/Shield’s Edible Curry

Slowpoke Tails Return As Part Of Pokemon Sword/Shield’s Edible Curry

With Pokemon Sword/Shield now live worldwide, many fans young and old are getting to experience the new thrills of the Galar region. One of those many activities is cooking up various types of curry – and some players might notice an interesting recipe they can make.

One of the game’s many dishes contains an in-game ingredient called Smoked Poke Tails. And, yes – they indeed come from actual Slowpoke. The ingredient description reads:

“One of the many ingredients that can be used for cooking at your camp. When a Slowpoke’s tail falls off, it grows back quickly.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time the Pokemon games have alluded to Slowpoke Tails being edible commodities. The first time they played a prominent role was in Pokemon Gold/Silver, where players could stop a Team Rocket scheme to smuggle the item for exorbitant prices. The illicit trade of Slowpoke Tails also popped up in the Pokemon Sun/Moon Special Demo – where a police officer mistakes two obsessive Slowpoke fans as black market dealers. Perhaps the first notable time that Slowpoke Tails were actually edible was in Pokemon X/Y, where players could purchase a meal from Lumiose City’s Restaurant Le Yeah.

Nevertheless, this is the first time that players have been able to cook their own Slowpoke Tails and see the dish up-close! Sadly, Slowpoke isn’t actually part of the Galar Pokedex right now – so we can only speculate what happened to all of them despite their tails being available for consumption.

What do you think? Would you like to see the Pokemon games dabble with more Pokemon-based dishes? Feel free to share your thoughts with us below!

(Huge thanks to Bulbapedia for past info on Slowpoke tails!)