Smash Bros. Creator Talks About His Experience With Minecraft

Smash Bros. Creator Talks About His Experience With Minecraft

In his recent Famitsu column, the father of Super Smash Bros., Masahiro Sakurai, detailed his enjoyment of Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch. Having previously tried creative mode, Sakurai talks about his excitement with Survival mode.

You can read a snippet of Source Gaming’s Translation below:

Yoiko’s Minecraft Survival was an interesting show, so I decided to start playing Minecraft. I don’t usually go back to games after I’ve completed them, but when something piques my interest, it can’t be helped. Wait a second. This time I’m going to be playing on the Nintendo Switch, so I’ll be starting with a fresh slate, without my previous save data. I’m also going to go through Survival Mode instead of Creative Mode because it puts an exciting spin on the game.

This isn’t a mode where you can relax and take a carefree approach. You have to hurry to chop down trees, hurry to build a shelter, and hurry to start digging. Survival Mode is more intense than even a lot of action games. There’s no time to get lost! I have to hurry!!

Sakurai then goes on to comment on the certain principles that made Minecraft an excellent game, and even adds on a some of his personal playing quirks like exercising on his cycling machine while playing. You can read the full translation from Source Gaming here.