Smash-Styled Indie Brawler Fraymakers Successfully Crowdfunded For Nintendo Switch

Smash-Styled Indie Brawler Fraymakers Successfully Crowdfunded For Nintendo Switch

Wish you could see indie characters such as Octodad clash with CommanderVideo? Well, thanks to many devoted fans, that’s becoming a reality in the future!

McLeodGaming, the folks behind fan game Super Smash Flash 2, had previously opened a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Fraymakers – a new Super Smash Bros. style game that features various indie game characters. On top of fighters from titles such as DownwellRivals of AetherSlap CitySlay the Spire, and BIT.TRIP, there will also be various assists who cameo from other indie titles such as Ape Out, CrossCode, and VVVVVV.

Here’s a quick trailer of what the game will be like:

Well, as at the time of writing, the campaign has successfully obtained more than $278,000 – or more than five times its original funding goal! This would allow the developers to develop a Nintendo Switch port, as described in their stretch goals:

GOAL REACHED! – $235,000  SwitchPort. Believe it or not, bringing games to consoles isn’t easy! At this funding level, we can get to work on one of our dreams: Fraymakers on the Nintendo Switch. Bear in mind, there are some potential limitations in play here: custom content may have to be limited and we might have to look into alternative netcode solutions, depending on performance. Regardless, at this funding level we will dedicate the time it takes to bring Fraymakers to the Switch with as many features as possible.”

The Kickstarter campaign still has a couple of days left, until it closes on 17 December 2020. If you wish to pledge your support for the project, you can do so over here.