SmileBasic 4 Taken Down From The European eShop

SmileBasic 4 Taken Down From The European eShop

SmileBASIC 4, an application that allows you to make your games with the BASIC programming language, has been removed from the European Nintendo eShop.

According to the application’s developer, SmileBASIC 4 was taken down due to an age rating issue with IARC. It is still available for sale on the US, Canadian, Mexican, and Japanese Nintendo eShop.

We leave you with their message concerning this below:

“[Important Notice] We are currently discussing ratings with IARC on the content of the sample code (GAME_PRG.PRG, GAME_SHOOTER.PRG) in the title, SmileBASIC 4, so we are temporarily suspending sales in some sales areas (US, CA and Mexico are all still on sale).

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

There will be an announcement from us as soon as we have a chance of resuming sales.”

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