SNES Classic orders from Argos getting cancelled

SNES Classic orders from Argos getting cancelled

While retailers sold off their SNES Classic in 20 minutes, UK retailer Argos apparently let their pre-order site run a little bit over time, resulting to an over ordering of SNES Classic system. According to a Reddit thread, Argos is currently cancelling orders that they can’t fulfil.  From the thread, buyers who have ordered their SNES Classic more than 30 minutes after the listing has opened should check if their order is still valid.

I posted earlier today it was too good to be true, their crappy site letting order go through for over 24+ hrs compared to other retailers selling out in twenty minutes? Nope. Just logged in to check the status, SNES Classic is gone, order status is CANCELLED.

Anyone who ordered over 30 minutes after it initially opened may want to check their status.

You can read the full Reddit thread here.

SNES Classic releases 29 September 2017. North American and Europe/Japan designs differ.